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December 2000
466 tonne S.W.L. clevis pin for use on a Pipe Laying Barge
Supply of a 466 tonne S.W.L. clevis pin which monitors the wire load 180 degrees around a Sheave where the wire tension is 50 % of the load on the pin.

November 2000
Hire of load cell equipment to test climbing equipment
Supply of a 1 tonne tensile cell system to monitor the test loads applied to an indoor climbing facility for teaching mountaineering techniques.

October 2000
10,000 lbft PC controlled Torque test rig.
Supply of PC controlled 10,000 lbft torque test rig. A 10,000lb rated TL type tensile load cell is connected in series with a hydraulic ram which applies the torque load at 90 degrees to the 10 inch lever arm applying a maximum of 10,000 lbsft. The PC monitors the load and dumps the hydraulics at the pre-selected torque level. The PC stores each test and creates a certificate with graph of the test and specimen details.

September 2000
Hire of Load cell equipment to assist in submarine rescue attempt
The supply of tensile load monitoring equipment to the British submarine rescue team for use during the aborted rescue attempt of the crew of the Russian submarine 'Kursk'.

August 2000
100 tonne special Clevis pin Load cell
Supply of a 100 tone clevis pin with integral 4-20mA output.

July 2000
Six 150 kg gas bottle weighing platforms
Supply of six 150kg capacity circular weighing platforms for monitoring the contents of standard nitrogen cylinders used to 'Snuff' out any potential fires inside grain silos. The platforms are used to alarm the control room if the cylinder contents drop below 90% of full.

June 2000
Six 35 tonne Wirline Load Cell systems
Supply of a six Wireline load cell systems to monitor the Winch Wire loads during a pipe pull across the Humber estuary.

May 2000
120 Newton Tensile Testing Machine
Supply of a 120N capacity tensile testing machine to provide test data on the Tensile strength of pharmaceutical tablet coatings. The unit is stepper motor driven and is microprocessor controlled, providing logging and spreadsheet outputs to a PC. The micro-processor used is a tds9092.                                 ( http://www.triangledigital.com)

April 2000
Press Platten Load Displacement Monitor
Supply of a system to monitor the load displacement on a 80 tonne four column press. Strain gauges mounted on each column are monitored while the press is operated and adjustments were made until each column was equally sharing the load.

March 2000
Crane Load Monitoring System for 40 tonne overhead crane
Supply of a system to monitor the loads on an overhead crane with two independent 20 tonne carriages. The system provides independent overload protection on each hoist and sums the loads on both carriages and displays the total load applied to the crane.

February 2000
Data Logging System Fitted to a 55 tonne shackle type load cell for use in pulling pipes across the river Tamar in Devon.
Supply of single channel data logging system which monitors the loads applied to a 55 tonne shackle type load cell at the end of 1500 metres of one metre diameter plastic pipe. The system logs the loads being applied while the pipe is being pulled through a pre-drilled tunnel under the river bed. Saved files are suitable for exporting into a spreadsheet or word processor.                         The micro-processor used is a tds9092. 
( http://www.triangledigital.com)

January 2000
80 tonne Wieline type load cells to monitor mooring loads during tidal changes
These wireline dynamometer type transducers allow the loads to be monitored on a running wire . The transducers supplied a 4-20mA output for remote indication and logging purposes.