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December 2001
Personnel Weighing Platforms for Security Vehicles
These systems were supplied to the manufacturer of security vehicles. The Platforms are used to ensure that only one person ( the security guard) can enter the vehicle at any one time.

November 2001
Guillotine load setting load cell and readout , used to set the clamping and cutting blade loads
These systems have been supplied to a number of companies involved in either the manufacture or setting up of guillotines. The unit has a Peak Hold feature which allows the operator to record the dynamic clamping and cutting forces.

October 2001
Moving The Britannia at Ocean Terminal
Monitoring the mooring loads during the moving of the Britannia from its temperary berth to its final berth at Ocean terminal Leith Edinburgh. Our earlier contract for mooring load monitoring at the temporary location has been renewed for the permanent location.

September 2001
Special 800 te shearpin for use on intrinsicaly safe offshore Tanker Mooring Load Monitoring System
This load cell was designed with three independent measuring bridges to give long term redundancy. It was produced in only two weeks in response to an urgent requirement.

August 2001
Refurbishment and installation of original Gray Dunn & Co.Ltd. Plant at Glasgow to Burton Foods Plant on South Merseyside
Original Force Measurement built systems for manufacturing Caramel, Cream Fillings and assosiated products were bought by Burton foods and transferred to their South Merseyside plant at Moreton on the Wirral. The three plants controlled the solid's and liquid ingrediant's as well as all other process functions using control software written by Force Measurement Systems for use with Allan Bradley PLC's.

July 2001
Two of these units were supplied with small 10 Newton load treansducers to interface to a Plc in a robotics application.

June 2001
Five special extra long, high capacity ( 100-500 te) shearpins for use on underwater pipe handling equipment
These loadcells were supplied to a major offshore operator to measure the possible high loads induced in a pipe handling system while operating on the sea bed. These pins are gauged internally and fitted with an integral two wire 4-20mA transmitter/amplifier The load cells are fitted with Impulse type minature underwater connectors.

May 2001
Software modifications to a Strain gauge Logging system at a Nuclear Power Station
Software modification to a hanger strain gauge monitoring system that was originally installed in 1998. The purpose of the updated software was to make the retrieval of data easier. The original software required that the data be passed through a parser before being compatible with commercial spreadsheet programs. The updated software makes data files that are directly compatable. The micro-processor used is a tds2020 (http://www.triangledigital.com.)

April 2001
Anchor & Windlass trials data-logging system
Field test set for data-logging Anchor pulls and Windlass trials offshore. The Instrument automatically calibrates each input amplifier using digitally controlled zero and span controls and inbuilt calibration sources for each of the following transducers anchor tension load cell (kgf), windlass speed (rpm), water depth (mtrs) , windlass current (Amps), windlass voltage (VDC) and windlass temperature (degrees C). The logged data is stored in a form compatible with most commercial spreadsheets.The micro-processor used is a tds9092.&bsp;           ( http://www.triangledigital.com )

March 2001
Aerial Stays Load monitoring system
A Load cell monitoring system was fitted to the anchor points of each steel wire stay to monitor wire tensions on all 32 stays of a 400 ft high aerial All 32 shackle type load cells are monitored on a single DL50 instrument which calibrates itself automatically to suit a particular load cell. When connected to a load cell it interrogates it to discover its calibration settings and serial number, sets the zero and calibrates itself to the same values as at the time of the original load cell calibration. It shows the last logged reading and the present load reading and allows the operator to overwrite the last reading with the present reading. The logged readings for all 32 load cells can be downloaded to a spreadsheet for graphing and analysis. The micro-processor used is a tds9092  ( http://www.triangledigital.com)

February 2001
Instrumenting of two 600 tonne Shackle pins for anchor pull tests
Two large load shackle type load cells supplied to a major anchor manufacturer with integral 0-5Vdc output amplifiers fitted internally to allow data-logging underwater. The logged data being interrogated after retrieval of the anchors.

January 2001
3000 tonne press monitoring system
Strain gauge monitoring system fitted to a large production press. The system displays and logs the loads on the three columns of the press using our PC logging software.