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December 2002
Supply of RLP1500 15 tonne low profile compressive load cells.
These load cells were used in an automatic torsioning machine which assembles offshore drill strings.

November 2002 Four off 15000 kg SWL 5 x 100mm Digital Hang on Weighers.
The supply of four hang on weighers with the folllowing features:-
a) Remote FM radio, tare and sleep controls.
b) Saving the last reading during a low battery condition and displaying it at power up.
c) Facility to change over batteries. ( approx 50Hr battery life)
d) Auto Zero Tracking.
e) Calibration Test Facility.

October 2002
Maintainance of Jib Crane Data-Logging Systems.
Our Engineers maintain three dockside jib cranes with regular quarterly visits, to systems that were first installed in 1996. The systems log all crane movements, as well as load, reach, and environmental conditions. The data is saved to Zip disks which are replaced at regular intervals.

September 2002
Supply of a Press Load Monitoring System.
Our Engineers fitted strain gauges to each of the four columns of a a 300 tonne rated hydraulic press. The Micro-computer controlled monitor takes in the four strain signals and calculates the total load, and compares the average of the four loads against each individual column load. If the value is outwith an exceptable band, the press is prevented from further action.

August 2002
Supply of an Aerial Tension Monitoring System.
This system consisted of 69 tensile load cells and a central monitoring system which allowed accurate setting of the tensions and continuous monitoring and logging of the tensions.

July 2002
Supply of a Hydraulic test rig to test load shackles.
This test rig was designed and built to proof test load shackles which were to be used offshore.

June 2002
Supply of a 60 te hollow centre RLP loadcell for use in a line with a hydraulic cylinder.
This unit was for use in a test rig where the load was applied by a hydraulic cylinder.

May 2002
Supply of 85 Pump Control Panels.
This panel controls the starting and stopping of 4KW,11KW, and 18KW pumps.

April 2002
Supply of Radio Telemetry Loads Links.
These 25te and 75te Tensile load links with raio telemetry datalogging are used for stock inventory for a major offshore company.

March 2002
Supply of a Pump Control Panel for the food industry.
This panel controls the feeding of product using a digital timer to control the length of time the pump runs.

February 2002
50 tonne Hang on weigher
This unit was manufactured to allow measurements of weight up o 50 tonne from an overhead crane hook. The unit can be tared and switched to low power saving mode via a 433MHz radio link.

January 2002
Liquid Syrup Transfer Control System
This system was designed and installed for a major biscuit manufacturer. The system consists of two remote holding tanks and an existing syrup boiler and mixer. An Allan Bradley SL500 PLC controls the transfer of the product , while a RLP load cell system in the legs of the holding tanks displays the content both at the mixer and at the holding tanks as well as informing the PLC of their content.