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December 2003
Walkway Barrier control System
The barrier control system is used to manage the walkway access while crane operations may be proceeding overhead. The crane operator controls opening and closing of the barrier, and a speech synthisizer give appropriate warnings via an integrated Public Address system.

November 2003
Batch weighing controller
The Batch weighing controller, which was integrated into a Allan Bradley SLC500 PLC based chocolate manufacturing control facility, stores up to 10 recipies each with three liquid ingrediants. It also supervises the loading of each ingrediant into 1 of 5 5000 kg chocolate refiners.

October 2003
30,000 pounds foot 'Static Torque Monitoring System'
Instrumented with two 45 degree rossette elements for measureing torsion this unit was supplied for use in the oil fields of Azerbaijan.

September 2003
6000 kg Z-beam type tensile load cells
Which were installed to measure wire tension at a site in the Mediterranean

August 2003
Medical Occlusion Syringe pump Test Set
15kg SWL force Measurement System, comprised of : A GM74-567 15kg SWL force transducer and a GM74-564 Digital force indicator.

July 2003
40 tonne Hydraulic press load monitoring service
For the provision of Load Testing Equipment and the sevices of our engineer to carry out Load testing on a Press to confirm load distribution, repeatability and accuracy.

June 2003
A 5 tonne S.W.L. 'Load Monitoring System'
Comprised of a 5 tonne S.W.L. Clevis Pin Load Cell and a Amp2420X 4-20mA output Load cell transmitter for remote transmissionup to 1000 metres

May 2003
2 off 80 tonne SWL Model LMS-80T-RLTM wire tension transducers
supplied to an Aberdeen based offshore company together with 2 off Digital Wire Tension Indicators and 100 metre long connecting cables.

April 2003
The 'HIRE' to a company in FRANCE of a 50 tonne S.W.L. 'SHACKLE-BASED' tensile load monitoring system,
The system is comprised of : 1 off : Model S50/S 50 tonne S.W.L. shackle load cell ( with bobbin & nut ) 1 off : 50M Cable link 1 off : Portable digital load indicator ( with 2-part adaptor & output lead )

March 2003
Carbon steel M10 set pins .
instrumented with four number strain gauge elements for measureing bolt tensions on a plith which supports a rail system on which a motorised carrage runs.

February 2003
8" Nominal Bore x 1.2M Long Test Piece ( instrumented for tests at 170C )
Fitted with 16, single element strain gauges, internally and fitted with 16, single element strain gauges, externally. All gauges wired, in a 3-wire, 1/4 bridge configuration, with sufficient cable to extend 150mm beyond the common end of the pipe.

January 2003
Strain gauging of cooling system fans.
These specimens were strain gauged at our premisies to our clients specifications using single element and triple element rosettes.