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January 2004
150 and 35 tonne radio telemetry shackle type load cells
These systems were supplied to a offshore client for use in the far east. The units were both supplied with intregal 433MHz transmitters and receivers with the output in Manchester coding to the receiver where it was converted back to ASCII text. The log number,load, time and date were displayed and logged on demand by the operator to 32KB of EEPROM

February 2004
2 tonne hoist weighing system for FIBC containers
This system was supplied to a local biscuit manufacturer to weigh the 'Milk Crumb' ingredient for chocolate. The load cell read out was our model LDD2 ( 4 X 50mm digital display with push button tare).

March 2004
Mechanical Wire line Tension Indicator
These units were supplied in various ranges up to 500kg to measure the wire tension in aerial stays. The units have the advantage of not requiring any electrical power and are very easy to operate.

April 2004
Tug Boat Winch Tension Measurement
Trials were carried out to find the best method of indirect wire tension measurement. It was eventually found that by measuring the Winch Brake load, a reliable and repeatable load measurement of up to 40 tonne was achieved.

May 2004
Miniture tensile/compressive load cells
This miniture 100kg range Load cell when used with our GM74 indicator allows measurements of load, both in tension and compression.

June 2004
Four Channel Portable Indicator
This unit were supplied to a customer who wished to weigh steel fabrications by lowering them onto four of our standard 20te RLP type load cells. The unit is powered by four PP3 batteries.

July 2004
Strain Gaugeing High Tensile M10 bolts
These 12 units were supplied to a customer who wished to monitor the tensile, compressive and bending loads applied to each of the bolts during use. The 12 bolts were used to hold down an aerial plinth. The measurements would also show the distribution of the loads on each bolt.

August 2004
Supply of a Second Aerial Tension Monitoring System.
This system consisted of 72 tensile load cells and a central monitoring system which allowed accurate setting of the tensions and continuous monitoring and logging of the tensions.

September 2004
12,000 Nm torque transducer & digital readout with datalogging This transducer is suitable for use in water at 300 Barg
This unit was supplied to a Control Valve manufacturer who wished to monitor the opening and closing torques on a range of valve types and sizes . The instrument is capable of looking at the outputs from up to 50 transducers and recording to EEPROM the output from any one in turn.

October 2004
Weatherproof IP66 1000 kg RLP Load cell with Integral 4-20mA output
This unit was supplied to a local dairy who wished to monitor the level of milk in a hopper. The load cell was mounted under one of the three legs of the tank. The process meter was then calibrated to show the tank level in % full. The zero and span controls for the integral load cell amplifier are mounted behind the removable IP66 cover.

November 2004
Strain gauging of Vehicle Cooling Fans
This unit was one of a number of specimens we strain gauge for a major manufacurer during each year.

December 2004
Proving ring type stress transducers
These units are strain gauged for a major geo-technical company who uses them to measure stresses, subsea on oil platforms.