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January 2005
2 off 100 tonne wire line tension monitoring systems
These rugged weatherproof systems were supplied to an offshore client to monitor anchor loads during pipe pulling operations

February 2005
10 off thermostatically controlled pump interlock panels
These panels are supplied on an on going bases to a major European supplier of Pump systems. The panels perform two functions, one is to stop the pump from running until the material to be pumped is above a preset temperature, and the other to control the heating of the surrounding pump to a preset level via heating elements built into the pump body.

March 2005
Weighing Systems for four Scrap Handling Cranes
These weighing systems were supplied to weigh and log the scrap metal fed to the steel furnaces at a large steel works in Wales. Each lift by the magnet is logged as it is dropped into the loading skip. The operator can then check the total amount he deposited in the skip at the end of each filling process.

April 2005
1 off 500kg hang on weigher
This weigher is used to weigh paint before application to ships at a Glasgow shipyard.

May 2005
2 off 10 tonne Clevis Pin Load monitoring systems
These heavy duty clevis pin type load cells are used to measure the vertical loads applied to a roller assembly.

June 2005
2 off Automatic Sump Level Control Panels
These panels were supplied to a leading pump manufacturer to control the water level in two drainage sumps, The discharge pump is started if the high level probe is reached and switched off when the low level probe is uncovered.

July 2005
4 off Tug Winch, Wire Tension monitoring systems
These four winch wire tension monitors were fitted to two tug boats, used to escort royal naval vessels in the river Clyde. The towing loads were measured indirectly by monitoring the brake loads on the winch drum.

August 2005
8 off 100 tonne RLP Load monitoring systems
The eight 100te load cells and a common single indicator were supplied to a Chinese shipyard to monitor the load distribution during ship building. The load cells each gave out 4-20mA proportional to 0-100te. The instrument was scaled to suit.

September 2005
200,000lbsft torque measurement system
Supplied to an Aberdeen based offshore equipment supplier.The torque system displays torque as 20000 x10 lbs ft or 27116 x10 Nm with a 10vdc analogue output for recording purposes.

Light weight 3000 kg Hang on weigher system
Supplied to an Aberdeen based offshore equipment supplier.This weigher displays load as 3000 x 1 kg. Being low cost, lightweight and powered by a single PP3 type Battery, this unit is a popular choice.

November 2005
+-40kN & +-70kN measurement systems
Supplied to specialised large diameter steel pipe reeling machine maker, these Clevis Pin type loadcells are used to measure the forces applied to the pipe, during reeling or unreeling operations. The units measure tensile and compressive forces and display in terms of 4-20mA. With 12mA to 4mA being a compressive load and 12mA to 20mA representing tensile loads, ( 12ma no load applied to the Clevis Pin).

December 2005
RoHS Complient Amplifier Card
Force Measurement Systems first re- manufactured printed circuit card meeting the new RoHS Directive, during the coming months all of our products will be ready for the July deadline.