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January 2006
Sump Drainage Pump Control Panel
This system was supplied to a major Pump manufacturer, for a client who required level control of the water in a drainage sump. The level controls were VEGA conductivity probes which controlled the level as follows; The main pump started when the water reached the High level and the Auxillary pump would also start if the water reached the extra high level. Both pumps would stop when the low level was reached.

February 2006
Launch of HMS Daring type 45 Destroyer
Force measurement were involved at various stages of production and during the Launch on the Clyde at Glasgow.

March 2006
3 Digit 500mm High Display
We recently manufactured a very large digital display based upon our proven LDD2 meter. The unit will be used to display Relative Humidity in the range 0-100%, with an input signal of 0-10VDC. Each Digit was made using the latest LED LUMILED technology providing a low current high brightness, very large display, veiwable from over 100 metres away.

April 2006
Minature Test Specimens
Force measurement have strain gauged over 100 of these specimens for a major heavy engineering company over the last few months. These will be tested to verify material properties.

May 2006
150mm High Digital Crane Load Display
This system displays the hook load on a 10 tonne SWL overhead crane. A clevis pin load cell replaceing the original central compensating pulley pin thereby measuring a quarter of the total load on the hook ( 4 Fall rope system). The millivolt signal from the pulley load pin is connected to a localy mounted AMP2420X line amplifier which converts the mV signal to 4-20mA for 0-10 tonne applied to the hook. The IP68 LDD6 large load display receives this current signal and displays the appropriate hook load value in the range 0-10 tonne.

June 2006
600 tonne load cell systems
These two 600 tonne load cell systems were provided to an offshore company. Both systems display the load values to 0.1 tonne, with associated intrumentation that provides both a local and remote ( via both 4-20mA and RS232c ) reading of the applied compressive load.

July 2006
High Gain Load cell Amplifier
Eight of these units were supplied to a customer for use with a load transducer with the very low output of 0.25Mv/V at full load. The units have a very high specification input amplifier with a fixed gain of 400. The second stage has six pre-selectable gain settings via an internal 6 way dil switch. The output stage consists of a 2 pole Butterworth Low pass filter. To allow the maximum transducer signal amplification The transducer supply can be set between +-0.5Vdc to +- 10VDC. Both trips have a pre-settable range of 0-120% of full load.

August 2006
Antartic Survey Vessel 'Discovery' at Glasgow
On board monitoring equipment was serviced by ourselves prior to the vessel returning to Antartica .

September 2006
Wind Speed and Direction systems with dual trip points, peak hold and 4-20mA outputs
Five of these systems were supplied to a container handling complex on the river Clyde to replace existing redundant equipment. The systems were mounted on container handling cranes and at the main offices to monitor wind conditions during crane operations. The anemometers were supplied with an interface which supplied a 4-20mA transmission signal to remote monitoring devices.

October 2006
48 channel Strain Gauge Datalogger with 8 Type K tempeature channels and 4 Transducer channels
This Datalogger was designed to take in 32 channels of 120R & 16 channels of 350R quarter bridge straingauges, 8 type K thermocouples, 2 pressure transducer and two load cell inputs. The unit automatically ranges in steps between +-1600 microstrain to +-16000 microstrain with each range resolving to 1 in 65000 ( 16bit resolution). All data files are saved in a form suitable for exporting into Microsoft Excel.

November 2006
Wire Tension System to Monitor Anchor Point Tension
Two of these systems were supplied to a waste management company for facilities in Aberdeen and Belfast. They monitor the anchor loads on netting drapped over waste material at a 'Land Fill' site. Both units are battery powered and have both audible and visual alarms for both overload and battery condition. The load cell is a clevis pin type fitted in line with the anchor point.

December 2006
Thermostat Control Panels
Another ten of these systems were supplied to our customer in Belgium. They are used to ensure that bitument pumps are not able to start until the pump is up to temperature. The heater elements are connected to the control box and the control thermostat switches them on and off to maintain the setpoint temperature. A second thermostat enables the pump control circuit when the pump surroundings are up to the required temperature.