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January 2008
Force Measurement installed Six displacement transducers in a council building, recording movement in the building over time. The resuklts were logged locally at 1 minute intervals and also sent via a radio link to the Council offices some 500M away where the data was automatically recorder in a spreadsheet.

February 2008
120 tonne capacity Tensile Link with Threaded Ends
Force Measurement have made this load cell to replace an existing unit in a 120 tonne capacity rope and chain testing machine.

March 2008
15 tonne capacity miniture compressive loadcell
Force Measurement have made this special 15 tonne capacity load cell to fit into a testing machine where the space available is only 40mm in Diameter and 70mm High.

April 2008
250 tonne capacity X-Y Axis ClevisPin loadcell
Force Measurement have made this special 250 tonne capacity load cell to measure the forces applied in both the X and Y Axis at the same time. The Loadcell produces a 4-20mA output for each direction.

May 2008
17 tonne capacity Shackle loadcell System
Force Measurement standard range 17 tonne capacity shackle load cell to measure the forces applied in a test rig for proof testing lifting tackle.

June 2008
20 tonne capacity Tensile loadcell with remote readout and data logging
Force Measurement have made this special 20 tonne capacity load cell system to measure and log the forces applied during crane movements.

July 2008
10 tonne capacity RLP100 compressive loadcells
Force Measurement have made 4 of these special 10 tonne capacity load cell to measure the forces applied during the torqueing up of drill strands.

August 2008
Wind Speed, Direction and temperature Measurement
Force Measurement have introduced these microcontroller based instruments to our range of weather condition monitoring equipment.The unit takes in the pulsed wind speed signal, the analogue Direction signal and the temperature signal from a Dallas Temerature IC and displays all three on a 16X2 LCD display. The unit also supplies a wind speed alarm output, via a volt free contact.

September 2008
35 tonne capacity Luffing Crane Load Monitoring Systems
Force Measurement have supplied replacement systems to a local shipyard, on two of there dockside cranes. These systems monitor and display the Jib loads, providing overload monitoring for both the Main and Auxiliary hooks.The % lift available is also displayed together with the jib radius.The % lift for the Main hook is based upon the radius and the hook load. The % lift for the Auxiliary hook is based only upon the hook load.Site testing was carried out using waterweights.

October 2008
4 off, 5 tonne capacity RLP50 compressive loadcells
Force Measurement have supplied this 4 channel load monitoring system to an energy consultancy.

November 2008
Strain Gauge Testing
Force Measurement have supplied 12 of these 4-20mA output strain measurement amplifiers to a local shipyard, together with our strain gauging expertise. The strain gauges were monitored and logged at various times during manufacture and also during sea trials.

December 2008
Luffing Crane Load Monitoring System
Force Measurement have supplied 3 of these dockside crane monitoring systems to the MOD to replace our original systems, fitted over fifteen years ago. The systems comprise of a Wireline transducer, An inclinometer, and a load control panel. The inclinometer output angle is used to calculate the hook radius, and then operates trip relays if the load exceeds the allowed moment ( radius * load). The crane operator has a local display of both Hook Radius and Load.