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January 2009
5 tonne and 3 tonne Capacity Weighing Platforms
Force Measurement supplied 3 weighing tables to a local steel stockholder. The tables were 0.9M Wide x 1.7M long x 0.150M high.

February 2009
10 off 50 tonne Wire Tension, Wire OUT/IN and Wire Speed Measurement Systems
Force Measurement supplied 10 off Wire Tension, Length and Speed, monitoring systems for use on offshore winches. Each system displays the current Wire Tension, the amount of wire fed out, and the wire speed during wire Feeeding operations.

March 2009
5 tonne Capacity Steel Roll Weighing Platform
Force Measurement supplied this 5 tonne capacity weighing platform to a Stainless steel sink manufacturer. The table is used to check weigh the raw material steel rolls at point of receipt.

April 2009
5 tonne Capacity Tensile Radio Telemetry Load Cells
Force Measurement supplied 2 off these 5 tonne capacity radio telemetry load cells for use in the oil fields of Algeria. These units operate over a range of up to 200M line of sight, with the handheld readout able to log lifts for later downloading, and also provide RS232 and anlogue outputs for recording purposes.

May 2009
Strain Gauge Testing of a Replacement Bridge Section
Force Measurement has strain gauged one of the bridge side sections, which is to replace cast iron sections on a Victorian bridge crossing the river Cart in Paisley. The original cast iron sections no longer comply to the stringent safety standards of today. Tests are carried out to confirm the strength of the new sections.

June 2009
500 tonne capacity low profile compressive load cell
Force Measurement supplied this 500 tonne capacity load cell for installation in a 4 column machine press in France.

July 2009
300 tonne capacity shear pin load cells
Force Measurement supplied 2 off these 300 tonne capacity clevis pin type load cells for use in a pipe handling system offshore.

August 2009
Site testing of load shackles on an aerial site in Scoltland
Force Measurement had previously provided the load shackles and were asked to do some on site inspection and calibration checks.

September 2009
Strain gauged tensioning bolts to hold down a Large Pump
Force Measurement supplied these Strain gauged bolts to a pump manufacturer to monitor tensioning forces during installation.

October 2009
3 off 40 tonne Capacity Hopper content weighing Systems for Sugar,Wafer flour,and Biscuit flour
Force Measurement supplied 3 off these 40 tonne capacity systems to a local biscuit manufacturer, to monitor the contents of the storage hoppers.The hoppers were lifted up and the loading assemblies, each contaning six off 7 tonne capacity load cells, were then placed under the hopper bases and the hoppers then lowered into place on top of the assemblies. Each hopper was then fixed to the load cell assembly. The load cells were then connected to a AMP2420X amplifier, and the 4-20mA signal connected remotely to our LDD2 digital load indicator.

November 2009
10 tonne capacity wireline transducer for use on pre-tensioned wire
Force Measurement supplied this unit made in stainless steel to measure the wire tension on pre-tensioned wire. The unit is assembled on the wire by removing the two bottom pully wheels, and then placing the unit on the wire rope. The front pully wheel is then re-fitted and the wire rope is pulled up, using the clamp arrangement, to allow the rear pulley to be re-fitted. The clamp arrangementis then released so that the tension is taken back onto the rear pulley.The clamp is them stored out of the way of the rear pulley and wire.

December 2009
Launch of the New Trinidad and Tobago ship Scarborough
Force Measurement engineers stood by during the launch at BVT's Scotstoun yard , while datalogging the trigger loads during the previous 60 days and then during the launch it's self .