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January 2012
8 off 12 inch high Digital Displays for dual carrage overhead cranes
Force Measurement supplied 8 off these displays to replace existing equipment in a large shipyard in Glasgow, to display the hook loads.

February 2012
12 off miniture pressure transducers
Force Measurement supplied 12 off these miniture pressure transducers to a local University for use in one of their test rigs.

March 2012
Riser Pipe Weldable Strain gauge Installation
Force Measurement strain gauging technicians, installed these weldable strain gauges to a riser pipe for a local geo tech company.

April 2012
Nine Aerial Stay, 'In-Line' Shackle type Loadcells and Datalogger
Force Measurement supplied nine 12.5t tonne shackle type loadcells and datalogger, to monitor aerial stay, 'In-line' tension. The datalogger automatically identifies the loadcell connected to it, and stores the current reading as well as displaying the last recorded reading for each channel. These readings can be downloaded to a PC and displayed in a spreadsheet program such as 'Microsoft Excel'.

May 2012
DS4 Luffing Crane Monitor
Force Measurement supplied these units to monitor the Hook Load, Jib Angle and Radius on three dockside luffing cranes.

June 2012
20 off miniture 200N load transducers
Force Measurement supplied 20 off these miniture load transducers to a large motor corporation for use in there robotic assembly line.

July 2012
6 off Clevis pin loadcells and junction boxes
Force Measurement supplied 6 of these systems to an offshore barge to measure loads during pipe handling.

August 2012
1 off 16kN Tensile Load Transducer
Force Measurement supplied this small tensile loadcell to a local manufacturer for use in a test rig.

September 2012
Pump Control Panels
Force Measurement supplied 20 of these units to a pump manufacturer in Belgium.

October 2012
1 off 330 tonne Shear Pin Load Transducer
Force Measurement supplied this large capacity clevis pin loadcell for use offshore. It has a 4-20mA output proportional to 0-330 tonne and is enviromentally sealed to IP68.

November 2012
miniture loadcell with datalogger
Force Measurement supplied one of these units to a British Car manufacturer.

December 2012
Proving ring type stress transducers
These units are strain gauged for a major geo-technical company who uses them to measure stresses, subsea on oil platforms.