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January 2013
1 off 900kN Clevis Pin type Loadcell
Force Measurement supplied this loadcell for use on an offshore barge.

February 2013
1 off Water Sump, Level Control Panel
Force Measurement supplied this control panel to a large pump manufacturer to control two large pumps, which in turn control the water level in a drainage sump.The panel is fitted with a flowmeter, with automatic and manual pump controls. The automatic level control is via high and low water level sensors fitted in the sump.

March 2013
Floor Displacement Measurement on a Multi-story Building
Force Measurement were asked to do displacement measurement on a floor of a multi-story buiding. This involved fitting temperary displacement transducers fixed on stands on the floor below and touching the ceiling above. These measurements were made at six points while 5 weight increments up to 3.4 tonne were placed on the floor above.The results were continuously recordered on a PC and the results of the test in graphical and tabular form presented to the client.

April 2013
1 off Pump Control Panel in French
Force Measurement supplied this control panel to a large pump manufacturer to be used in Algiers, Africa.

May 2013
2 off Pipe Strain Gauge Tests
Force Measurement Strain gauged two large pipe specimens, provided datalogging during the bending cycles and reportage of the results in graph and tabular form..

June 2013
1 off 200,000 lbsft torque transducer
Force Measurement supplied this large torque measurement system to major multi-national's German office.

July 2013
3 off Carbon Fibre Strain Gauge Specimens
Force Measurement wired these carbon fibre specimens for a local multi-national's research labroratory.

August 2013
2 off 4 Line by 20 Character Marine Quality Displays
Force Measurement supplied these displays with there associated load cells, for use on an SPM off the coast of Africa in 2010. The SPM is now being overhauled and the loadcells and instrumentaion were sent back for recalibration, testing and refurbishment.

September 2013
900 tonne compressive load cell
Force Measurement supplied this load cells, for use on a Anchor test bed in the 1990's. It was being re-calibrated at NPL Teddington.

October 2013
2 off 250 tonne clevis Pin Loadcells
Force Measurement supplied these load cells, for use on an offshore barge operating in the Far East. They have two full bridges the second for redundancy.

November 2013
Precision High Gain Load cell amplifier
Force Measurement supplied this precision load cell amplifier to amplify the output of a load cell with an output sensitivity of only 0.4mV/V for 40 tonne and give an output of 0-10VDC to a computer controlled Spring testing rig.

December 2013
PLC Screen Shot from batch weighing appliction
Force Measurement supplied this batch weighting system to a local biscuit manufacturer to batch weigh sugar in its manufacturing process.