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January 2015
NEW PLC controlled Biscuit Mixing Batch weighing System
Force Measurement supplied this new Batch Weighing production system to a major Biscuit manufacturer. The PLC used is a Rockwell Compactlogix type with a Mitsubishi E1151 HMI unit attached.

February 2015
Replacement Test Bed Overload protection
Force Measurement supplied this replacement overload protection system to a major service company. The system protects the test specimen from being crushed during its final assembly. The four 200 kilogram rated, RLP type load cells are assembled around the lifting frame to monitor the total load applied during assembly.A trip amplifier is used to sense any overload condition and stop the lifting mechanism.

March 2015
500 tonne Clevis Pin Load cell
Force Measurement supplied this load cell for use on the new bridge crossing the river Forth.

April 2015
Sump Level PID Control using a 45kW INVERTOR driven Pump
Force Measurement supplied this control panel to control sump water level. The sump level is measured by a level transducer which feeds the invertor with a 4-20mA process variable signal (PV). The PID controller in the invertor drive, compares this signal against the Level Setpoint 0-100%, and slowes down or speeds up the pump to maintain the setpoint.

May 2015
4 inch large load display
Force Measurement supplied this LDD4 readout to display the hook load on an overhead crane.

June 2015
AMP2420X amplifier with two 1500kg Clevis Pin Loadcell inputs
Force Measurement supplied this amplifier together with two clevis pin load cells each equally sharing the applied 1500kg load

July 2015
Strain Gauge Pipe Bending Test
Force Measurement Strain gauged and monitored the strain gauges during extreme bending cycles.

August 2015
Filtraion Test Bed control Panel Commissioning
Force Measurement finalised commissioning of the "Filtration Test Bed" control panels supplied earlier in the year. The panel's provide PID control of two pumps, with the feedback water flow signal coming from a Siemans Mag Flowmeter.

September 2015
Load measurement on the NSRS submarine rescue Vehicle
Force Measurement setup the ballast hoist load measurement system prior to trials offshore.

October 2015
2.0 Newton miniture loadcell with datalogger
Force Measurement supplied two of these units to a British Car manufacturer.

November 2015
200 Newton Miniture Robotic Arm load cells
Force measurement have continued to supplied these tiny loadcells to a manufacturer of robotic machines for the car industry for over 15 years.

December 2015
12 off 100te Clevis pin load cells
Force Measurement supplied 12 off these 100te clevis pin type load cells to a large English Lifting company.