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December 1998-00
Former Royal Yacht Britannia
Force Measurement supplied the mooring Load Shackle type load cells and assisted during the mooring of the ship at its new home in Leith Docks Edinburgh. Force Measurement are employed to make regular visits to site to inspect and monitor the installation.

November 1999
Data Logging System Fitted to a 3000 tonne Extrusion Press
Supply of PC based data-logging system to monitor the four column loads on the press during the extrusion process. Data saved to a PC and displayed in both real time graphical and tabular form . Saved files are suitable for exporting into a spreadsheet or word processor.

October 1999
Upgrading an 80 tonne 'Hot Metal' Crane to 95 tonne capacity
Modification of a system installed more than three years ago to allow the measurement of hook loads in excess of 95 tonne. This system has a cabin display and tare button with Safe Working Load protection.

September 1999
Chocolate Tank Contents Monitor
Supply of a contents monitoring system for Plain Chocolate production at a local well known Biscuit manufacturer. The system consists of four 2 tonne RLP20 type load cells with a 4-20mA transmitter and local and remote displays of tank contents.

August 1999
Intrinsically Safe Platform Weighers
Supply of 14 Intrinsically Safe 1 tonne Weighing Platform systems for use in a new Ink Manufacturing Plant, The systems included Intrinsically Safe loop powered 4-20mA current transmitters

July 1999
Anchor Test Bed Equipment
Supply of six Anchor and Windlass Test Stations for Final Inspection and Testing before dispatch, for a major Marine Equipment manufacturer.

June 1999
Strain Gauge Data-Loggers
Supply of 300 Plus channels of Strain gauge data-logging equipment to a Local University

May 1999
Chemical Plant Strain Gauge test
Strain Gauge test on a large hopper after structural modifications.

April 1999
Victor Lenac Shipyard, Croatia
Supply of three 300 tonne weighing platforms for measuring the wire line loads on some very large sheaves, together with five other sheave systems with various load ranges from 30-200 tonne

February 1999
Deep Sea Testing
Force Measurement recently completed the manufacture of 200 tonne Bow Shackle type Load Cells.
These are for use by the Oil Industry in exploration of new fields in the Atlantic, off the West Coast of the Hebrides.
These Load Cells were pressure tested to survive at water depths of up to 3000 metres. They are fitted with integral 4-20mA transmitter amplifiers which allow the load signals to be monitored reliably on the surface.