The DL50 is designed for use where manual readings have to be taken of many loadcells on remote sites.

For use on arial installations a specially modified RF wavetight version is available.

A brief outline of the functions and features of our Model DL50 Datalogger follow


Automatic identification of connected load cell
Stores information for up to 50 load cells
Data retention for at least 10 years on EEPROM
Battery life 50 hours continuous use
RS232C output of stored data in simple text format
Word processor and spreadsheet compatible
Rugged construction with IP67 rated enclosure and connectors
Portable or fixed options
Back lit 2 x 16 x 3.5mm LCD display
Internal self calibration facility


F1 : Scan load cell to find identification number display identification number together with span and zero calibration data.
F2 : Calibrate instrument to suit connected loadcell.
F3 : Find load on the load cell and display the latest and last saved values.
F4 : Replace saved value with the latest value.
F5 : Download saved data to a pc via a rs232 link.
1-9 : Various program modes with password entry to set load cell data etc.