System comprised of :-

Load Cells

In this particular application the load cell is located at the wire rope anchor point, where, in the four fall system, the load cell is subjected to 1/4 of the hook load. ln other applications the load cell is manufactured to be a direct replacement for the fulcrum pin of the compensating pulley, or, beam. The load cell is wired into the load control panel on the hoist carriage via an umbilical cable.

Standard environmental rating : IP66

Load Control Panel

This 110V ac powered panel combines the complete system power supply with load cell conditioning and load control. Housed in an IP65 rated enclosure, this unit has the following features :-

System power supply module
Load cell amplifier ( 4 - 20mA output signal to both displays)
Load Cell Fault Protection
Set-Point for Warning of Approaching Overload (90% SWL) Set-Point for Overload Protection (105% SWL). The overload set-point relay contacts can be connected into the crane control circuitry to disable the 'Hoist' control, while still enabling the 'Lower' control.

Standard environmental rating : IP65

Large Load Display Panel

Housed in a red lense fronted enclosure, this 12V dc powered Model 'LDD2' digital load display panel is comprised of four number 50mm high red L.E.D. digits which can be scaled to display loads in the range, 0 - 9 9 9 9 ( ie; a hoist with a load range of, 0 - 6 tonne could be displayed as, 0 - 6000 kg x 2kg (or 6.00t x 0.01t)

Standard environmental rating : IP65

Load Cells : Various load cell types& load cell assemblies.
Control Panel : Different operating voltage.
Load Display : Non - standard digit height. Remote 'Tare' facility
General : Increased environmental protection