RLP Series Compressive Load Cells

In most Hopper Content Monitoring Applications a load cell would be fitted to each leg of the hopper (normally three or four legs) with the load cell height adjusted to ensure an even distribution of load. Manufactured in 17-4PH Stainless Steel, the RLP Series low-profile load cells would be supplied with sufficient output cable to reach the centrally located load cell amplifier, each load cell would be wired in parallel to this amplifier. Standard environmental rating : IP66

Amplifier Load Cell Amplifier

Housed in an IP65 rated enclosure, this 110V AC powered unit will energise the load cell system and output a 4-20 mA signal proportional to Hopper Content to the Large Digital Load Display

Large Digital Display Large Digital Load Display

Housed in a red lense fronted enclosure, this 12V DC powered model LDD2 digital load display panel is comprised of four number 50mm high red LED digits which can be scaled to display hopper content in the range 0-9999 in any engineering units. Standard environmental rating IP65

Additional Options

Load Cell : Various load cell styles and assembly types
Amplifier : Set points for over fill protection, fill or discharge control
Display : Non-standard digit heights
General : Increased environmental protection