This digital display has been designed to provide an economical solution to the process engineer, where load, level, contents, flow rate, temperature, or any other process parameter must be displayed in a prominent position to be seen by passing observers.

This attractive programmable display has a number of features that make a versatile, easy to configure solution to process display problems, They are :-

Large bright LED display is comprised of 4 x 50 mm high digits
Standard process intputs, 0-1, 0-10, 0-20, 4-20 mA or 0-1, 0-2, 0-5, and 0-10 V DC
Switch programmable display ranges (0000 - 9999) allowing direct scaling in engineering units without any loss of accuracy or resolution
Switch selectable decimal point
Two levels of Alarm Outputs either of which can be configured Energised On or Off
High accuracy combined with high resolution
Robust weatherproof case


Power Supply : 12 - 16 V DC unregulated, 800 mA or with 110 / 240 V AC integral
  : power pack
Resolution : 12 bit, 1 in 4096
Linearity : < 0.1% of Full Scale Deflection
Input Range : Link selectable Voltage or Current for 4096 bits
Range Setting : Programmable via dip switches to display 0000 - 9999
Trip Settings : Variable 0 - 100% for both levels via onboard potentiometers.
  : Outputs are NPN open collector with drive capacity of 60 mA at
  : 12V DC (18 V DC Maximum)
Temperature Range : -10 to +50 degrees centigrade
Terminations : Via two part screw terminals
Case Material : Polycarbonate to UL94V2
Dimensions : 120 mm high x 240 mm wide x 60 mm deep
Environmental Rating : IP65