The LM-2 Portable Digital Load Indicator has been designed as a remote readout for our range of load cells and pressure transducers. Powered from dry cell batteries, this instrument combines a simple front panel layout with easy to use controls, all housed in a robust, stainless steel case.


Input Type : 4-20 mA from single or multiple load cell systems
Input Connection : Lockable Amphenol 6 pin socket
Display Type : 4 digit fully programmable LED digital display that can be
  : factory scaled to suit your application between, 0 - 9999
Display Units : As required
Instrument Supply : 110 V AC ( or 24 V DC )
Zero Range : 20% of load range (this can be recessed to prevent adjustment). Also a  push button tare available at extra cost.
Gain Range : Factory Set
Voltage Output : 204 mV - 1020 mV for, 4-20 mA input, via a 2.5mm female jack
  : socket
Non-Linearity : Factory adjustable via Software Program to within one digit of
  : full scale deflection
Frequency Response : Greater than 1 kHz as standard
Internal : Switch activated Calibration facility (this simulates a load value
Calibration : on the display with reference to the actual load calibration of the
  : cell and indicator)
Enclosure : Stainless Steel , 
Environmental Rating : IP66
Overall Dimensions : 150mm x 150mm x 120mm deep


Display Type : LCD digital display with increased resolution
Connectors : Changed to suit your requirements
Input : Full bridge transducers starting from 80 ohms
Power Supply : Batteries can be replaced with re-chargeable type
(charging adaptor supplied with indicator)