This series of Rugged Low Profile load cells covers a wide range of load capacities from 100Kg to 30 tonnes.

Their low-profile design makes them ideal for any general load weighing application where space or height is limited.

With the additional Hollow Centre option (not shown), measurement of tensile loads can be achieved, by passing a loading element, such as a tie-rod, through the centre of the cell, and a hole cut in the support on which the cell is mounted. A locknut and washer arrangement, fitted to the tie-rod above the cell, converts the tensile load from below, to a compressive load acting down on top of the cell.

Measurement of tensile loads in this way is universally accepted, where load cells used in lifts and some lifting equipment, must have certain Failsafe features

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Mounting Base, details available on request
Output Socket / Cable variations
Increased accuracy
Customised load capacities and dimensions
Environmental rating upgradable to IP67 and extreme environment
Greater Load Capacity (up to 1000 tonne)

Dimensions (mm)

Model Number Load (te) A B C D
RLP~1 0.1 45 40 80 20
RLP~5 0.5 45 40 80 20
RLP~10 1 45 40 100 25
RLP~50 5 45 40 100 25
RLP~100 10 45 40 100 25
RLP~300 30 50 45 125 30