Wire Position & Tension Transducer

Wire rope tension is measured using a Triple Pulley arrangement where the wire applies a force proportional to the axial tension on the wire, to the Offset centre pulley of the assembly. This pulley contains one of our Clevis Pin Load Cells. This load cell transmits an electrical signal proportional to wire tension to the locally mounted Current Transmitter for onward transmission to the readout / conditioning instrument. The whole assembly is manufactured in stainless steel

The body of the transducer houses an array of Position Sensors that monitor target areas on the side of the Offset Pulley. These sensors transmit a series of pulses directly to the main instrument, where data on Distance Travelled and Change Of Direction is used to enable the meter to continually display Wire Position.

Wire Tension Amplifier

This 110 V AC or 24 V DC powered unit housed in a stainless streel enclosure energises the Clevis Pin load cell in the Wire Tension Transducer and outputs a 4 - 20 mA signal proportional to Wire Tension on the main instrument

Hazardous Area Applications

The standard current transmitter can be replaced by an integral Baseefa Approved 8 - 30 V DC, two wire, loop powered, 4 - 20 mA output current transmitter (the transmission loop would be required to be protected by a Zener Barrier located in the Safe Area at the threshold of the Hazardous Area.

Wire Tension & Position Indicator

Housed in a standard rack mounting enclosure, this 110 to 240 V AC powered instrument has the following principal features

Tension : LED display scaled to your requirements
  : Zero adjust potentiometer
  : Span adjust potetntiometer
Load Trip : This will provide a Load Trip Output that can be set to any load in the
Facility : specified range via a Digital Pushbutton Control
Position : LED Display scaled 0 - 9999 m
  : Reset Counter facility
  : Automatic Change Of Direction